Welcome, This game is made for individuals who are of age 18 and over. If you are below this age please withdraw now. Close the window, delete the file and cry to your mother. ... ..... ...... ........ All done... ok enough with the stupid formal language meant for kids. Sup. This game is about a test subject trying to escape from a test facility specialising in creature modification and forced mutations. It will contain various themes and fetishes not for the faint hearted. Think of the worse fetish or theme you can think of... it will most likely not be there, this game is not that extreme... Unless you thought of rape as extreme then well too bad for you mate. The game will be similar to a mystery style game, meaning everything and anything can be useful to you, furthermore a choice you make can change the overall story depending on when you make the choice. If you think you can handle the not so extreme, extreme fetishes in this game then by all means [[register]] to be a test subject. Author's note: If you were wondering why the name of the game is called Escape from Lab55, its because it's an escape game... and I like the number 55. It is another average day at the lab of mutation development and advanced scientific processes regarding the evolution of humans and animals, more commomly known as Lab55. This scientific research facility is well known for conducting weird and drastic experiments to create creatures for war. The facility has full funding from the government and has already developed a human with the speed of a cheetah. You have signed up as a test subject as a punishment for commiting rape and murder. You chose to undergo the life of a guinea pig instead of the death sentence, wise choice at the time but the gruesome scenes in front of you is making you think otherwise. Humans with limbs amputated to force wings to grow like harpies, to grow legs like centaurs. You even saw a human drinking a potion that caused him to grow horns and hooves like the portrait of satan. This is not the place you thought it was and so you attempt to [[escape]]It is a cold winter night, you've been stuck in this holding cell for days on end with minimal food and water. You were not the most intellectual person you know but it wouldn't even take a fool to understand your situation, they are trying to force your body into depravation mode. A deprived subject is the most easy to mold and reshape, you've seen enough spy movies to know that at least. You could tell that some sort of booster drug was added to your food as you felt stronger than before you came in, probably to ensure you survive the tests and experiments they will carry out. All you can see in the room is your stone slab of a bed, a bucket in the corner you call your toilet and a plastic fork from lunch. It is a room with brick walls and only one window made of bars, looking out of the cell, and the metal door that prevents you from leaving. It's time to get moving, you'll never know when the enemy will strike. First step you: [[sleep]] [[use the loo]] [[examine the fork]] [[look out window]] [[examine door]] (set: $fork to "no")Well nothing left to do in this room, you might as well sleep the night and try again tomorrow... The night passes by smoothly, although the cold wind blowing into the room made sleeping almost impossible. This was probably another way to force your body to depravation mode, if not putting the cell next to the window closest to the sea would make it a fatal flaw in their design plans. However, the peace was broken in the middle of the night, a large burly man suddenly smashed the door open and grabbed you by your ankles, dragging you down the hallway while you screamed and shout. He dragged you down the stairs and into a room you can also assume is meant for testing subjects. You were then tied down to the table and left alone in the room. This is probably the time when you would be fed or injected with a drug of some sort. You can only assume they would not take too long to return, leaving yo with only moments to escape. You decided to: [[wait patiently for your time to strike]] (if: $fork is "yes")[ [[use the fork]] ]No way are you going to risk soiling yourself while escaping, you walk up to the sorry excuse of a toilet and pull out your penis. It's a majestic... dagger, it's definitely not the biggest you've seen, not that you've seen any other than your own, but it's definitely smaller than your liking. It stands at 5 inches erect and roughly 1.5 diameter in girth. This is the moment you curse your asian genes. You think about waterfalls and running water as you feel the warm liquid release from your bladder and exit through your urethra. The sounds of splashing and dripping filled the room as you filled the bucket with more pee. The smell had already engulfed the room and you are almost completely desensitized towards it by now. You shake off and squeeze the remaining piss out of your penis and put back your pants. Well, now you can: [[sleep]] (if: $fork is "no")[ [[examine the fork]] ] [[examine door]] [[look out window]] You look at the fork, seems completely useless as it is, its a simple blunt fork that cant even cut a thin noodle. It's the most sorry escuse of a fork you've seen in your entire life. Even if you sharpen, or try to sharpen it, it would mostly become worse off than it is now. However, you still decide to pocket it, could come useful later on. Well all left to do is: [[sleep]] [[use the loo]] [[look out window]] [[examine door]] (set: $fork to "yes")Looking out the window, all you can see is the vast ocean that seems to go on forever, if you were to guess, you are currently on the coast or a hill near the ocean. Nothing else seems interesting about the window so you: [[sleep]] (if: $fork is "no")[ [[examine the fork]] ] [[examine door]] [[use the loo]] It is a simple metal door with a lock only accesible from the outside, a single slot in the door is open for food, water and other deliveries to enter. It also acts as a preventive measure as the sides of the slot is lined with razor blades facing inwards, allowing things to come in but not out. Nothing else seems interesting about the door so you might as well: [[sleep]] [[use the loo]] [[look out window]] (if: $fork is "no")[ [[examine the fork]] ]You waited, and waited, and waited for hours on end but the burly man never returned. Eventually you lost consciousness due to a lack of sleep. When you awoke, a pretty nurse was standing beside you. "Good morning, test subject 5598. I see you have finally awoken from your slumber. I can safely say that the test was a complete success and you are now a worthy member of our task force." Confused at what she meant, you sat up but felt some kind of weight on your back pulling you back down. You look behind and you received the greatest shock since you were born. Large feathery wings were growing out of your back. "But to think that you had the potential to become an angel of war... I can assume nobody saw that coming." The nurse said with a small smile. You couldn't even process her comment as you kept looking at your wings. Howeer, the wings just felt so... right... like they were supposed to be there. With this new feeling in your heart you gladly took up the role as an angel of war and began your training. GAME OVER: Ending 1 - Fallen AngelNo way are you going to just lay there and wait for your imminent death, you shifted your body until the fork you were hiding popped out far enough for your hands to reach it. Although it isn't much, the fork managed to cut the bindings tying you to the bed and with enough force, you managed to break free. You first surveyed the area, seems like nothing but a couple pills and a first aid kit on the wall. The bed you were just lying on seemed as useless as a table with nothing to put on. The only other thing left was the door on the far side of the room. You decide to: [[Check the pills]] [[Take the first aid kit]] [[Run out of the door]] (set: $player to "human") (set: $FAK to "no") (set: $BP to "no") (set: $NP to "no") (set: $RP to "no")The pills lining the wall were in tubes and bottles of all shapes and sizes, some labels you could make out and understand, such as the genric painkillers and health boosters. However, two pill bottles stood out from the lot. A blue pill bottle labelled - //Castus// A red pill botlle labelled - //libidinem// You think that the pills would help you in your escape, although it looks like you are unable to carry it out of the holder. Looks like you can only choose to consume one. You decide to consume: [[the red pill]] [[the blue pill]] [[neither]] (set: $pills to "yes")You walked towards the iconic first aid kit symbol on the wall, a white plus sign on a red backdrop. You pressed the plus sign and the a hole in the wall suddenly was revealed to you, it seems it only contained a few bandages and basic health boosters. You grabbed the items and pocketed them. All that's left now is to: (if: $pills is "no")[ [[Check the pills]] ] [[Run out of the door]] (set: $FAK to "yes") (set: $bandage to "3") (set: $HB to "2")Seems like you've taken what needes to be taken. You run up to the door and barge through, it easily opened since it was unlocked and you began to run down the hallway. First things first, you need to find some clothes, grab a weapon and ,if you can, shut down this lab forever before you make your final escape out of this hellhole. The first thing on your priority list is to: [[Grab some clothes|C1]] [[Search for weapon|W1]] [[Shut down lab|S1]]The red pill seems more useful than the blue pill. You pop one out of its holder and swallow it down. A strong feeling of lust starts to build inside your body. An almost painful heat covering every muscle, every cell, every individual DNA inside your body. Then the pain stops and the heat disappears. You feel more lusty yet more in control of your body. You seem to be able to control your pheromone levels as well as its potency. All thats left now is to: (if: $FAK is "no")[ [[Take the first aid kit]] ] [[Run out of the door]] (set: $RP to "yes")The blue pill seems more useful to you. You pop a pill out of its holder and swallow it. The feeling inside your body didn't seem to change at all. Maybe it was a dud? Suddenly, you felt a wave of calmness and peace fill your brain, it seems to almost completely control all the lust you normally felt. You felt more pure, contained and overall less consumed by your animal instincts. You think you just raised your defence against lust based attacks. All that's left now is to: (if: $FAK is "no")[ [[Take the first aid kit]] ] [[Run out of the door]] (set: $BP to "yes")You're not going to risk eating a pill that you are unsure about. Even if your gut feeling is telling you that it may seem useful, the risk is too high as compared to the potential benefit you stand to gain. You walk away from the pills and decide to: (if: $FAK is "no")[ [[Take the first aid kit]] ] [[Run out of the door]] (set: $NP to "yes")You look down at yourself and realise you were still wearing the simple one pocket cape slash coat dress thing that you were forced to wear as you entered the facility. You definitely could find some better clothes, maybe one with better armour or with a bonus feature to it. This is a research facility after all they must have some kind of defence mechanism. You began combing the facility before stumbling across a floor map. You look at it and the sheer size of the facility made even central park look like a playground. There were a few wings to the facility and it looks like they store clothing and armour in the west wing. You now have an objective to reach and ran towards the west wing. At the entrance of the west wing, a lone guard stood between you and the way to cloth. The guard seemed female by appearence and her bottom half seemed almost horse like. She must be one of those centaurs you've been hearing about. You should try and: [[Distract the Centaur]] [[Attack the centaur head on]] (If: $RP is "yes")[ [[Seduce the Centaur]] ]You decide that it is best to find a weapon for now. You start searching for the floor map and realise the weapons are stored on the sixth floor, figures they wouldn't keep the weapons close to the prisoners. You start to climb up to the second floor of the building and prepare yourself. As you reached the top of the stairs, you notice something on the wall next to the door, //Floor Serenity// weird names for their floors. The main objective is to find the next stairwell. You ran around and across the room and found nothing but different coloured doors leading to rooms, the stairwell must be behind one of those doors, those assholes. You think about your options and narrowed your choices down to the rooms without a window or a room without any obvious signs of people inside them like the room with shoes on the outside or the room that has the sounds of technology emanating from it. It narrows down to three: [[The Orange Door]] [[The Turquoise Door]] [[The Brown Door]] (set: $TB to "0") (set: $BD2 to "no")Screw the rest of the unimportant details, shutting down this gruesome facility is the only way to really become free. You ran around the facility looking for where the main control room might be, most likey it would be on the top floor where the control rooms are usually at. You managed to avoid being detected until you reached the upper floors. The upper floors contained much greater security than the lower floors, figures since the control room is most likely nearby. You sneaked around the first ring of guards before you encountered a roadblock. A large wolfmorph stood in front of the stairway, guarding it. You can only think of a couple ways to go around this: [[Charge forward]] [[try to distract the guard]] (if: $RP is "yes")[ [[Seduce the wolf]] ] There's nothing else you can do in this situation besides attack or retreat. You were always more of a fight than flight kind of guy anyway so you charged out of your hiding spot and ran at the guard at full speed. However, you were easily knocked down the the ground as she caught your arm, twisted it behind your back and pushed you to the ground in a classic police style hold. "You think a wolf like me wouldn't smell you from a mile away?" The guard boasted as all you could do was curse your failure. "Now, by orders and regulations, I have to bring you to the Queen for the acts of escaping testing, planning a revolution and attempting to disrupt the system." You were forcefull dragged over to the stairwell downwards as you were brought down to a door. The guard opened the door and a musky smell bursted out of the room and you [[lost consciousness|Queen]].You attempted to distract the guard by thowing a coin in the other direction. You waited as she got curious at the sound at investigated the area. You took the opportunity to run over to the stairwell that she was guarding and was met with a stariway down and a stairway up. You decide to: [[Go up]] [[Go down]]Maybe seducing the wolf guard may be effective, with your greater pheromone levels, you should be able to resort the wolf down to a slutty puppy. With that goal in mind you released a strong pheromone launched directly at the guard. The guard went in shock for a moment before slumping down to the ground. You assume she is in a state of maximum arousal and run out of your hiding spot. However, it seems that the guard wa not in a state of trance as you had thought as she easily grabbed you and pulled you towards her. She continued to bind your arms and legs with a rope she had in her pocket and sat on top of you. "You think that weak pheromone of yours can stop a guard of my level? It may work down below where you were from but up here that puny shit is more useless than a glove to an amputee. Now for your punishment for escaping I'm going to bring you up to the Queen. But first..." The guard forcefully straddled your face and rocked her hips. The forceful motion almost caused you to suffocate to death and the smell of her pussy brought on the biggest boner of your life. You were currently in the most confused arousal state yet. She rocked and rocked until hours later you felt a liquid spray onto your face as she screamed in pleasure. You then [[lost consciousness|Queen]]When you awoke, you were tied to a large pole in the middle of the musky room. The musk made you grow the largest boner you have ever felt. (if: $BP is "yes")[It seems that even the pils effects couldn't stand up to the smell. ]You could only manage to shake your hips as the bindings dug into your skin. You then realised you were stark anked in the musky room. A normal looking woman then appeared out of the door on the far end of the room. She appeared normal except for the aura of sadism and dominance she was giving... and then you noticed the large bulge in her pants. This woman was definitely not normal. "Oh, you're awake my little escapee. You commited a rather sinister crime this time around you know that, if a criminal escapes the responsibility falls back to me. Thus, I have to punish you so you wouldn't do this again." She then pulled down her pants and revealed her long 12-inch penis. She brought it to your anal ring and rubbed her long dick all over it, sreading the precum to lube the entrance. You could already tell where she was going with this but only managed to cry out a few tears. "Oh, this wouldn't hurt at all if you would just... OPEN UP." At the exit of her last words she thrusted her big dick into your anus. The pain was lamost unbearable as she continued thrusting her hips. This forceful thrusting continued as your intestinal walls began to tear and blood flowed out of your butt. "Oh... you're such a tight buttslut...aahh... I could just keep you here forever as my personal cumdump..." The Queen moaned as she continued her brutal assault. As time passed it started to feel good, and your cock rose to full mast. The member in your ass started feeling larger and throbbing and you knew what that entails. "Here it comes my little slut..." She moaned as she filled your butt with her boiling hot sperm. The feeling cauused you to ejaculate as well. "Well, ready for another round slave?" She asked sarcastically as she thrusted again. GAME OVER: Ending 3 - Queen of my heart [[Back|Run out of the door]]You decided to go up the stairs and ran up as fast as you could to avoid getting caught by the wolf guard. You ran up the stairs that seemed to continue forever before coming face to face with a large door labelled //Control Room//. You praised the gods as you tried to force the door open. When you opened the door, thousands of computers and various systems created a variety of lights and colours. The sight was beautiful but you could not stop and admire it as you tried to find the control circuit. When you neared the back half of the room, a large robot stood in your way. (if: $EW is "yes")[You took out your large electrical jammer and shot it at the robot. The lectrical pulse caused the robot to malfunction and shut down. You ran towards the back of the room only to be met by an empty space. A screen appeared in front of you and a woman's face appeared. "Well, well, well. Nice job getting it this far escapee, I've been observing your movements and I think it's the end of the road for you." Suddenly, taser guns dropped down from the ceiling and [[knocked you out|Queen]]](else:)[With no weapons to use, you could only try and block the massive robot's swings as it lands hit after hit on you. Eventually you pass out from the pain and the robot completely [[knocked you out|Queen]]]You ran down the stairs at light speed to ensure you could evade the guard. Running down the stairs you realise that the stairwell seemed to continue on forever before you finally meet a door. You attempted to force open the door only to be met with a strong musky smell which cause you to [[lose conciousness|Queen]] almost immediatelyYou think distracting the centaur may be a good idea. You grab thenearest object off the wall and dropped it as hard as you could against the ground. As expected, the guard began running towards the sound and you managed to run around her. You sneaked by the distracted centaur and ran at full speed towards the west wing. Inside the west wing, a few different rooms came into view, there were a few locked doors that were impossible to enter, a couple rooms with scientists inside so those are out as well. The list finally narrowed down to three doors. Do you choose to enter: [[The pink door]] [[The green door]] [[The black door]] (set: $GD to "no") (set: $PD to "no")You charged at the centaur with your bare hands and attempted to surprise her, however the centaur easily ran around you and tripped you, causing you to fall face first onto the floor. You cursed your foolishness as she turned you around. From here she interrogated you, asking about what you were doing and why. You kept silent. Eventually, the woman became tired of waiting and tried a different approach. She took out your average sized penis. She kneeled down onto the floor and took your member into her mouth as she began sucking. "Mnnn... guh.... nnnmmm.... smack.... sluuh.." The sounds of her wet blowjob reached your ears and you almost came on the spot. Not much later the usual feeling of release flowed through you as you shot your stringy white semen into her mouth. "Ahhh... that was good," She said swallowing your semen, "But I need more before I will feel satisfied." She took out a syringe from her bag and injected your hip with it. A sudden pain filled your lower abdomen as your muscles began to reform and your skin molded to a new shape. The pain of the transformation made you [[pass out|CentaurEnd]]//Well here goes nothing// You thought to yourself as you focused a large cloud of pheromones towards the centaur woman. The pheromones, once contact, caused the centaur to fall to the ground in lust as she reached over to grab her pussy. Of course, it was futile as her hands were unable to stretch behind the behind of a horse. You ran past the centaur silently before she grabbed you. Her eyes were no longer filled with concentration and loyalty as they once were but were instead filled with a look of longing and lust. You decide to: [[Help the poor centaur]] [[Leave her be]]You approach the pink door. As you approach closer and closer, the smell of sex came flowing out from below the door, a small gap in the floor caused the smells trapped inside to be released into the hallway. You open the door, preparing yourself for what is to come. As you entered, the smell crashed against you like a tidal wave and you could feel your lust rising. Inside there was what appeared to be a teenage girl sitting on the floor, back against you. You walked up to the girl, wondering why the smell of sex was so strong in this room. When you were practically a hair behind the girl, her front became clear to you. This teenage girl had undergone some sort of experiment as there were two penises sprouting from where her clitoris should be. You gasped in shock, the girl noticed your presence and turned around, coming face to face with you. "Please don't hit me.... I'll be good now I swear... Just please stop with the sexual torture..." tears flowed from her eyes, it seems this girl had suffered a lot of torture with her penis and vagina, making the room smell like what it does now. However, once she turned to you, her smell penetrated your body like a bullet and you felt the lust rising quickly. You decide to: [[Rape her]] [[Request sex]] (if: $BP is "yes")[ [[Control your lust]] ] (set: $PD to "yes")You walked towards the green door, it appears to be an empty research facility similar to the one you were trapped in when all this started. You walked into the room and looked at the shelves. Similar bottles of pills were scattered around the room and you could remember the labels on some of the pills. You decide to consume: (If: $RP is "yes")[ [[The Blue Pill|BP2]] ] (If: $BP is "yes")[ [[The Red Pill|RP2]] ] [[Neither Pill]] (set: $GD to "yes")You walk into the black door and see nothing but a drop into the unknown. You took something from the walls that looked small and unneeded and dropped it into the hole. After five seconds you heard a soft splash sound. It appears that there is water down the hole for poeple to drop down into. From your knowledge, it would take no longer than 3 seconds for a human to fall inot the hole and land safely in the water. You decide to: [[Jump in]] [[Slowly climb down the sides]] [[Check the other doors first]] (set: $notice to "no")You looked at the centaur woman and a feeling of sympathy rushed through you. You bent down and began storking the hair of the woman on the ground. At this distance, you could tell how beautiful she looked and complimented her appearence out loud. Her face was flushed red, not from her lust but at your words. You nicely asked her to turn around as you unrobed took out your average sized penis. The woman was already soaked through and you easily slid home. You gently thrusted at first for her to get used to the sudden entrance before thursting harder and faster. The sounds of wet sex echoed through the area as you kept thrusting and thrusting. Soon after, you came into her horse pussy and she screamed in ecstasy. The two of you lay on top of each other as you both basked in the afterglow. She then brought you close to her human half and kissed you deeply. Enjoying the kiss, you began groping her breasts and fucked another round. After rounds of sex, she dressed herself and gave you a note, "This is a secret exit out of the facility. When you're done I'll meet you there and we can... run away together.... I mean not that I want to... It doesn't have to be just us I mean you can bring other girls I don't mind.... I mean you came inside me so you have to take responsibility..." She stammered as you kissed her again and promised to meet her there. You walked into the west wing. Inside the west wing, a few different rooms came into view, there were a few locked doors that were impossible to enter, a couple rooms with scientists inside so those are out as well. The list finally narrowed down to three doors. Do you choose to enter: [[The pink door]] [[The green door]] [[The black door]] (set: $CentaurWin to "yes") (set: $GD to "no") (set: $PD to "no") (set: $harem to "1")You decided that there isn't any time to waste on the woman, you have a mission in mind right now. You tried to shake her free but she grabbed even harder, soon her eyes changed from longing and lust to something more primal. She pulled your body towards her as she pushed you to the ground. The wind was knocked out of you and you lost your breath. The woman suddenly sat on your face blocking your only way to recieve air and you panicked instantly. You shifted your mouth and flailed your body, but to no avail. It only seemed to further pleasure the woman as you rubbed against her horse pussy. "Ahh... ouhhh... uuoohhh...." The woman moaned in complete and utter lust as you began to accept your fate and licked her pussy more. Eventually she screamed loud and a torrent of fluids covered your face. "That was so good... But I need more..." The woman said in a daze as she pulled out a syringe of some sort and injected your hip. The heat rushed into your body as you could feel all your muscles tearing and reforming, your skin molding to a new shape. The pain caused you to [[pass out|CentaurEnd]]When you awoke, the sounds of copulation filled the room. You looked down and you could see the centaur woman riding your hairy dick....wait hairy? You looked down again and realised you've become a Centaur, a horse body is now where your human legs once where and a long 12-inch horse penis was being fucked where your penis should be. "Oh you're awake are you? Perfect I was getting tired of riding." The centaur woman said as she flipped around with you still in her and injected you with another syringe, this one filled with a pink bubblegum coloured liquid. The effects were instant and you felt a heat rush to your groin, almost like you suddenly fell into a rut. The feeling was unsatisfiable and you knew the only way to work around it. You began thrusting against the centaur woman as the room was once again filled with the sounds of sex, wet smacking sounds and moans that could almost be as loud as an opera singer. The rutting continued for hours as you filled her womb with more and more of your semen, eventually you finished rutting and the woman had calmed down. You both looked at each other and kissed deeply. What was once your enemy now became a lover. The two of you decided to escape the lab together through a secret exit she knew about and gallop to the coutryside. There you got married and had a little centaur girl, your life has never been better. Good ending? - Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. [[back|C1]]Geranimo.... You fall for a split second as you land in the water, or at least you thought it was water but it appeared to be some sort of yellowish liquid. It took you a moment to realise you landed in pee, the smell of the room indicating you have just jumped into the sewers. In disgust, you pull yourself out of the vile liquid and walk along the sides of the sewers, where a path has been placed for people to walk across if the sewers needed maintenance. You walk into a fork in the road. If you know sewers you would know that one would lead to a place you wanted to go while the other may lead to somewhere far, far away. Using your quick wit you decide to: [[Go left]] [[Go right]]You think jumping in without a plan is too dangerous so you grabbed the sides of the wall with your hands and use your spider skills to slowly crawl down the sides of the hole. Along the way you see a notice stating //Sewer management, The path towards the monster in the sewers has been created and exit is impossible, you should now be safe to use the left path as you normally would without worrying about the creature.// Hmm... seems useful to note.You continue crawling down until the stench of the liquid hits you, as from the notice you realise that this is the sewers of the building. You lift yourself towards the dry pathway along the sides of the sewers.In disgust, you walk along the sides of the sewers, where a path has been placed for people to walk across if the sewers needed maintenance. You walk into a fork in the road. If you know sewers you would know that one would lead to a place you wanted to go while the other may lead to somewhere far, far away. Using your quick wit you decide to: [[Go left]] [[Go right]] (set: $notice to "yes")You walked into the west wing. Inside the west wing, a few different rooms came into view, there were a few locked doors that were impossible to enter, a couple rooms with scientists inside so those are out as well. The list finally narrowed down to three doors. Do you choose to enter: (if: $PD is "no")[ [[The pink door]] ] (if: $GD is "no")[ [[The green door]] ] [[The black door]] This is bad, her pheromones are causing you to lose all control inside your mind, all you can think of is to fuck and fuck and fuck. You pounce onto the poor girl like a predator catching its prey and pushed her to the ground. You held her hands with one hand while bringing your other hand to her crotch, stroking her pussy and jerking her cock to make her wet. Once she is sufficiently wet to your taste, you pullout your penis and penetrated her crying little body. She begs you to stop, that you're hurting her, but her cries falls on deaf ears as all you can think about is how you are having one of the best fucks in the world right now. You fucked the crying girl for hours, the girl reaching orgasm 5 times, covering herself and you with buckets upon buckets of futa cum. You have yet to come and don't plan on stopping till you do. Eventually the girl stops crying and begs for more cock, almost like she cannot live without one anymore. You fuck her hard and fast before releasing a large load of cum into her pussy. She came at the same time, releasing yet another load from her cock. After the session, you realise what you have done and regret it immediately, the still normal girl is now completely mindbroken, all she can think of is sex and sex alone. You want to protect her from the facility but you can't do anything now. All that's left to do is to: [[Check the other doors|Check the other doors first]] (set: $teenagebroken to "yes")This is really bad, the pheromones she is releasing is messing with your brain. Almost all the pheromones is making you desire sex, no more like begging for it. You immediately drop to your knees and prostrate yourself, begging her to have sex with you. The teenage girl, in complete shock as she appears to have only been on the receiving end before hesitantly brought her penises close to your mouth as she asks you to suck it politely. You open your mouth and take one of her cocks in while you jerk the other one off. They taste almost like strawberries, so sweet yet slightly sour. Her moans starts to fill the room as you continue sucking and jerking her off. You alternate between the cocks a couple times before she screams that she is near orgasm. At that moment you take both cocks into your mouth and suck out all her semen. The torrent of hot bitter liquid fills your mouth but you swallow it down like it is the best drink in the world. She becomes more aggresive after that as she spins you around and inserts a penis into your anal cavity, ignoring foreplay. She starts with long slow strokes before alternating to quick shallow thrusts. For a girl, she seems to be a veteran in using her penis. Before long she became fed up with the lack of pleasure she was getting and sticks both penises into your asshole, tearing the skin creating the anal ring. She thrusts hard and fast and before long she came two buckets full of semen from her cocks into your rectum, filling you up with hot futa sperm. You became a complete buttslut after that moment and spent the rest of your days pleasuring your new mistress. GAME OVER: Ending 4 - Beggers can't be choosersThis is bad, really bad. The pheromones produced by this one girl is making your head spin. Quick you have to control the lust with your strength before it controls you. Relax... Calm your mind... Think of oceans and lakes... Good. You seem to be back in control of yourself and all the build up lust seems to have disappeared. You approach the teenage girl, "It's ok little one, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm an escapee planning to leave this facility once and for all, do you want to come with me?" The girl's eyes shined like stars as she realised your intentions, she jumped up and hugged you, her cocks rubbing against your body. "Please... Let me out of this place..." (if: $CentaurWin is "yes")[You instruct the teenage girl to escape via the route the centaur told you about, you bid her farewell and tell her you'll find her again in the near future.](else:)[You tell the teenage girl to try and find an escape route, hiding from anyone she sees and you'll find her again later.] Now the only thing left is to: [[Check the other doors|Check the other doors first]] (set: $teenagewin to "yes")You still feel that the pills are a risk to consume and refuse to consume either again. You walked away from the pills and left the research room through the door in which yo entered from. You Walk out of the room and back into the hallway. [[Check the other doors|Check the other doors first]] (if: $RP is "yes")[ You feel taht taking another dose of the red pill would be meaningless so you walk over to the blue pill holder. You pop a pill out of its holder and swallow it. The feeling inside your body didn't seem to change at all. Maybe it was a dud? Suddenly, you felt a wave of calmness and peace fill your brain, it seems to almost completely control all the lust you normally felt. You felt more pure, contained and overall less consumed by your animal instincts. You think you just raised your defence against lust based attacks. ](else:)[ The blue pill seems more useful to you. You pop a pill out of its holder and swallow it. The feeling inside your body didn't seem to change at all. Maybe it was a dud? Suddenly, you felt a wave of calmness and peace fill your brain, it seems to almost completely control all the lust you normally felt. You felt more pure, contained and overall less consumed by your animal instincts. You think you just raised your defence against lust based attacks.] You feel that there is nothing else left in this room so you: [[Check the other doors|Check the other doors first]] (if: $BP is "yes")[ You don't see a point in taking another dose of the blue pill so you walk up to the red pill holder this time. You pop one out of its holder and swallow it down. A strong feeling of lust starts to build inside your body. An almost painful heat covering every muscle, every cell, every individual DNA inside your body. Then the pain stops and the heat disappears. You feel more lusty yet more in control of your body. You seem to be able to control your pheromone levels as well as its potency. ](else:)[ The red pill seems more useful than the blue pill. You pop one out of its holder and swallow it down. A strong feeling of lust starts to build inside your body. An almost painful heat covering every muscle, every cell, every individual DNA inside your body. Then the pain stops and the heat disappears. You feel more lusty yet more in control of your body. You seem to be able to control your pheromone levels as well as its potency. ] That seems to be all you can do in this room so you decide to: [[Check the other doors|Check the other doors first]] You don't trust the right path, it seems to produce a considerably dark aura. You make your decision and continue left. You walk for what seems like hours before reaching a wall. //Really? A dead end?// You thought to yourself. //No there must be something here// You examine the walls, although nothing seems to be standing out of place. The walls appear grimy and the floor appears wet with sewage. Nothing seems to be standing out of place in this dark hallway. Then, you noticed it. A small button on the wall that looked like a rock from afar, by luck when you were feeling the wall, the rock appeared too smooth to be a natural rock in a sewer. You press it and the end of the hallway opened up. You walk into a large room, it appears to be an office style room with small desks and chairs scattered around the room, some files and papers were placed neatly on the desk to your left a golden sword is displayed on the wall, seems nothing more than a display sword though. You decide to: [[Examine the files]] [[Run out the door]](if: $notice is "yes")[Even though you read the notice of the monster you still want to find out what kind of creature is hiding in the sewers so far below the surface and thus you push on to th right path.](else:)[You gut feeling is telling you to go right, you walk over to the right path and kept walking forward, the sounds of growling starts to become audible but you assume its just a boiler or something] You continue walking down the path until you reach a large door, this must be the way out. You find a button to the right and opened the large door as a large creature grabs you into the room and pushes you to the ground. The large black creature had a body that looked fully black, but the head remained human, except for the tiny head inside its mouth acting like a tongue. The large black creature suddenly took out your cock and brought her smaller mouth close to it. She then reached forward and.... bit it off. You screamed in pain as the creature eats your cock and exits the door. Leaving you to die by bleeding out. GAME OVER: Ending 5 - Alien vs PredatorThe files on the table seemed interesting as you picked up a couple papers off the table and began reading. Before you could even read the first page of the first paper, you heard people walking towards the door. You panicked and searched for a hiding spot. A good hiding spot you thought was under the desk as you crawled into the tight space. There was a gap in the table in which you could see through and you looked out into the office. A large minotaur and a busty bovine woman walked into the room, a lusty aura surrounding them. Not even a minute later the bovine was pushed onto the floor as the minotaur fucked her, and he fucked her good. You could see the bovine in complete bliss as her tongue rolled out of her mouth and her pupils in her eyes almost disappeared behind her head. The fucking lasted for hours and eventually you got used to the rough sex they were doing. You took the papers and began reading to pass the time. From the papers you managed to learn of a secret serum being produced in which only selected head of sectors could access. It seems to be some sort of enslaving serum, hidden on the top floor, in the Queen's private research lab. It says you would need the head of sector's password and fingerprint to enter the chamber. The minotaur might actually be a head of sector since he has this paper, might as well try and get his fingerprint and password while you're here. You decided to: [[Wait for them to finish]] [[Attack head on]]No way are you going to stay in this place in which you have no knowledge of, it is far too risky. You try to run out of the door, but before you can grab the handle, the door opens. You slam at full speed into a large minotaur. The large, husky minotaur was in utter shock and rage at your sudden impact and you were just petrified. The large minotaur grabbed you and threw you into the room, at the same time you heard a woman scream and run away. The minotaur charged towards you and knocked the wind out of your lungs. He grabbed you by the scruff of your neck and pushed you against the wall. "You scared away my lady friend, tonight was the night I was supposed to get lucky. You shall pay you little rat." In anger he took out his large cock and balls and rammed home into your anus, although managing to only fit a fifth of his cock into your small anus. He fucked you as angrily as possible as you felt his extrmely girthy penis tear your asshole from the size of a quarter to the size of a cookie, a large cookie. He fucked you like you were a living cocksleeve and came into your ass over and over again. Evventually he got bored of the shallow fucking he could do with your small body and pushed you all the way down to the base and tearing your body apart. You could feel the internal bleeding accumulating as he fucked you senseless and finally you passed out. The fucking lasted for hours and your body couldn't handle the rough fucking and eventually, you died a painful death. GAME OVER: Ending 6 - We're up all night to get lucky [[Back|Go left]]You waited for hours but eventually their long sex session ended in both of them exhausted and basking in the afterglow. You sneaked around the desk and grabbed the nearest sharp object you could find, a scissor. You sneaked behind the minotaur and brought the scissor to his neck, you announced your objective and ask for his password and his co-operation. The minotaur, tired as his is, meekly said his password was //axe//. You thank for his help and began to leave when he suddenly stood up and aimed to kill you, in panic you threw the scissor and pierced his eye. He stopped and screamed in pain, you ran towards the wall where you grabbed the sword on display, intending to use it as your final defence. The minotaur charged towards you and you swung the sword as hard as you could. The tip broke off as you swung and it majestically flew towards the minotaur's heart, penetrating his body. He fell to the floor defeated and you slowly cut off his fingers, hands shaking as you continued. You grabbed a nearby bag in which you stored the fingers. You were about to leave when the bovine with him suddenly jumped you, you fell face first to the ground. "How dare you, you killed my lover, my only source of pleasure in this world of slavery." She tried to beat you but you stopped her hands by twisting your body around and stared at her in complete shock. You decide to: [[Let her have her way]] [[Push her off and run]] (set: $serum to "yes")You charged towards the minotaur and grabbed the sword on the wall, in shock the minotaur had no time to react as you brutally sliced one arm of and then the other. The bovine started screaming as she tried to escape but you forced her to sit down. You then forced the minotaur to tell you the password to the serum, he weakly replied //fuck you// and died. You cursed the heavens as you failed to achieve your goal, however the bovine woman on the ground might be of some use. You approach the woman and ask her if she knew the password the minotaur uses and she just cried and cried, unable to answer. Defeated you began to leave when you notice the bovine woman crumbling to the floor beneath you and suddenly grab the minotaur's large axe, she charged at you swinging the axe randomly, which you blocked perfectly before she swung too hard and threw the axe towards you. In panic you tried to block but the sword broke and the blade puctured your heart. You slowly crumbled to the ground as you died from losing too much blood. GAME OVER: Ending 7 - Atone for your sins [[Back|Go left]]The woman above you just seems to be sexually frustrated and that minotaur was simply helping her relieve it. You openly stated that you could always help her out with her sexual troubles. She first looked shocked, then she smiled in an evil smile. "Confident are we, let me tell you, no one was able to withstand my sexual stamina before that minotaur appeared." she then mounted your face and rode you like you were a sex toy. You struggled to breathe under her sexual fluids but you were able to endure the long torture. Eventually, after her fifth orgasm, she shifted over to your penis. She rode your dick for hours, complaining about how small it was. After her tenth orgasm, she became tired, and her pace was slowing. This is your chance, you decided to: [[Turn the tables on her]] [[Push her off and run]]Before the situation could get out of hand, you pushed the bovine woman away and ran out the door as fast as you could. She began chasing you through the complex maze of offices before you outran her. You suddenly realised you were in the middle of a large storage room filled with mannequins. The only reason for mannequins would be to display clothes. You've made it to [[your destination]]. You took this opprtunity turn her over and pull out of her pussy, the bovine whining as your hard cock suddenly disappeared, but that didn't last long as you suddenly rammed home into her anus. Now you were in control of the obviously anal virgin as her face contorted in pain. You pushed your penis deeper and deeper into her ass before you started thrusting hard and fast. Her painful screams suyddenly turned into moans as you continued your assault. Before long, her face was suddenly filled with pleasure as you continued fucking her asshole. Your small dick as she so critically called it is now turning her into a buttslut. What a sudden turn of events isnt it. Once you were close, you pinched her clitoris causing her to come as well. The pressure on your penis caused a large orgasm straight into her ass and she screamed in even more pleasure. Once you were done you were about to leave when she cried out, "Please don't go... You are the only meaning to my life now." You promise to come back for her so you tell her to (if: $CentaurWin is "yes")[find the exit the centaur gave you and meet you there](else:)[wait here patiently]. You then left the room and walked around the floor before reaching a strange large room filled with mannequins. This must be [[your destination]]. (set: $BovineWin to "yes")You deiced to equip the latex suit, it dug into your skin but it was definitely easier to move in, although you feel like your sweat was constantly building up inside the suit and your penis was forcefully restrained. The suit almost felt like a sexual prison as the more you move, the more sweat builds up and could almost form a pheromone bomb inside your clothing, a ticking time-bomb. You continued on with the suit and decide to [[Find a weapon|W1]] [[Shut down the lab|S1]] (set: $LS to "yes") (set: $cloth to "yes")You think the generic outfit may be the best as you grabbed the bulletproof outfit and put it on. It was more bulky and less mobile than you expected but it will do fine. It looks like its made to cover your vital organs like any normal bulletproof suit, but this one has a large area of protection around your groin, maybe the researchers wanted to test out bulletproof experiments with this, super-soldiers and they had to protect theit semen for it. You put it on hastily and decided the next course of action: [[Search for weapons|W1]] [[Shut down lab|S1]] (set: $BP to "yes") (set: $cloth to "yes")You grabbed the experimental outfit from its racks and put it on. At first, nothing happened but then the suit suddenly squeezed into your skin and a mask appeared out of nowhere. You were completely covered and you could feel your body altering. When the mask disappeared, a woman in black approached you. "It seems that the experiment was a success. The suit actually works." You were about to speak up when you realised a weight was pushing you down below your shoulders. You looked down and saw two breasts hanging from your chest. "The suit changes to shape of the host wearing it to fit the form of its master's demands. In this case I am the master of this suit and you are now my sex slave for life. As I am a kind mistress, I'll let you choose your first form of punishment but keep in mind that I prefer girls over guys." You knew all hope was lost and answered: [[A catgirl]] [[A fairy]] [[A giant]] [[Refuse her|A toilet]]You look over the outfits and the only few that looked like you could wear and were meant for males were three outfits, a skin tight latex suit, a bullet proof vest in a normal t-shirt and bulletproof jeans and an outfit labelled //experimental//. You decide to wear: [[The latex suit]] [[The bulletproof outfit]] [[Experimental]] (set: $BP to "no") (set: $LS to "no")"I would like to be a fairy" The mistress acknowledge your choice and the mask once again appeared before you. You felt your body shrinking in size as you became lighter and more compact. When the mask disappeared, you could see a giant standing in front of you, or to be more precise, your mistress has remained the same but you have shrunk to the size of a fairy. Your mistress grabbed your cute little body and brought it to her vagina. You grabbed onto a large bulge you assumed was her clitoris and began licking it, you could feel the mistress tremble as your tiny tongue started to give rise to plesure within her. You licked around the large clitoris like it was a lrage piece of candy before the mistress grabbed you and stuffed you into her vagina, using you like a dildo. After hours of this sexual torture, the mistress came and her fluids almost drowned you. You were then kept as her tiny sex slave, licking her clit and acting as her favorite dildo for all eternity. GAME OVER: Ending 8 - Size does matter [[Back|your destination]]"I am not going to be controlled by you" You said as you tried to struggle. She suddenly became extremely displeased at your answer and grinned as the mask suddenly reappeared onto your head. You could feel all your muscles breaking and tearing, your bones shattering as you became something immobile. When the mask diappeared, you could only see forward at the mistress. "A potty mouth like you shall stay a potty mouth, literally." It is then you realised you had become a toilet, your eyes were on the tank while your mouth acted as the bowl. You tried to retort but no words could come out anymore. The mistress then started to walk towards you and you had a really bad feeling about this. She squatted over you as she released her bladder. Her warm golden liquid started to pour into your mouth as you could only collect the salty tasting fluid inside your mouth and forced to keep it inside your mouth. "Looks like there's something else." You looked in horror as a large bomb started appearing out of her anus. You tried to run but you were stuck as the large log landed in your mouth and your brain and mouth died instantly. You were then kept as the mistress' toilet for the rest of your life, living on only piss and shit. GAME OVER: Ending 9 - Don't give a crap [[Back|your destination]]An idea popped into your head as you realise something, "I want to be a giant". Your mistress acknowledges your request and the mask reappeared. You could feel your body growing in size as your bones and muscles enlarged and eventually you felt that a large pressure was upon you. When the mask disappeared, you were standing 50 metres above everything else and had even broken through the celing. This is all going to plan as you grab your 'mistress' from the ground and brought her to your mouth. She seemed to be expecting you to lick her with your large tongue as she spread her legs but instead you threw her into your mouth and ate her. The taste of human suddenly felt like the most delicious thing you have ever tasted as you went and gobbled up everyone in the facility. You craved human flesh and blood and eventually you escaped the lab killing everyone in it. You roamed the land and ate everything in your sight. Good Ending? - Attack of Titans [[Back|your destination]]"Please make me a catgirl" Your mistress acknowledged your request as the mask once again reappeared. You could feel your body becoming leaner and your ears shifting. A sudden feeling of something growing from your butt also seemed to be happening. When the mask disappeared, you could see the room very clearly, what once was dark now became light. An obvious result of your new cat eyes. You crawled over to your mistress and stick out your tongue. The mistress opened her legs as your rough tongue went to work on her pussy. The feeling the mistress was feeling was definitely exquisite as she came within seconds of your first lick. You were then kept as a pet for the mistress, working her pussy by night and being a cute pet cat by day. You were fed high quality fish and meat and you were treated as a high quality breed of cat. Good Ending? - Nine lives [[Back|your destination]](if: $TB is "0")[You enter the orange door and the door closes behind you. In front of you is a small room with nothing but a bed and a computer. The figure sitting in the chair turns towards you and lunges at you. It appears to be a teenage boy, with a rather large bulge in his pants. You assume this is one of those sex boosting experiments and the boy was driven to mad lust. You were then forced to the ground by his strong right arm and he forced his dick into your mouth. You started to choke at his sheer length as he rammed it in and out of your mouth to relieve his own lust. The boy started panting as your tongue began to rub around his glans. You don't know why but you seem to be enjoying this, even though you know this is the most vile act yu could be commiting right now. After thrusting for a couple seconds, he came into your throat and you were forced to swallow his semen. He fell asleep shortly after, probably exhausted after the vigorous sex session. You took this opportunity to [[run out]] of the room, mind still thinking of his weird tasting cock.(set: $TB to "1")](else:)[You enter the orange door and the door closes behind you. In front of you is a small room with nothing but a bed and a computer. The figure sitting in the chair turns towards you and lunges at you. It appears to be a teenage boy, with a rather large bulge in his pants. You assume this is one of those sex boosting experiments and the boy was driven to mad lust. This time you were ready for the boy but once his cock falls out of his pants, you lost all willpower to continu fighting. That majestic and delicious cock in which was causing you to have sleepless nights is right in front of you once more. Your mouth began to water as your tongue lolled out of your mouth. You could feel your own boner starting to grow in your pants. At that moment, you lost all strength in your legs and fell to the ground in defeat. The boy confused at your gesture crawls towards you. Sensing your submission, he pulled out his penis and balls and presses it against your mouth. This was it, this is what you've craving for. You happily open your lips and let the boy enter. The taste was divine, his animalistic lust spread through you as you sucked his cock in earnest. You moved a hand towards your own cock and jerked like there was no tomorrow. Eventually the boy began thrusting in your mouth on his won and you just sat there as a living cocksleeve. This continued on for hours, both of you coming enough to fill a swimming pool. This is heaven on earth, you were made to simply sit and enjoy the taste of his delicious cock, you have found your purpose. GAME OVER: Ending 11 - Deli-cock-cy [[Back|run out]] ] The door seems old and the colour faded, but you are sure that this is the correct door. You open it to reveal a large stairwell up, you were happy you made the right decision and continued upwards to the [[next floor]]. (set: $pie to "no")You enter the room and find what appears to be a storage space for various boxes. You open them up and find various knickknacks you could take but it seems that the three of them are holding up the other boxes so if you remove one the rest will get crushed. Choose wisely: [[The Bone]] [[The Dildo]] [[The Strap-on]]You reached the third floor and once again the sign next to the door was rather unusual, this one reads //Floor Pi//. Strange maybe the e fell off. You open the door and the room was different, this one only had three doors surrounding a central table with a pie sitting on it. The doors seem to have various numbers printed on the face of the door. It was then you realise that the plate next to the initial door is a clue to solving he puzzles on the floor, and the doors represent the answer to the puzzle. This time the puzzle is something to do with numbers and pie. You decide to: [[Enter Door 3.14159]] [[Enter Door 8.91999]] [[Enter Door 1337]] (if: $pie is "no")[ [[Eat the pie]] ]You open the door with the label 3.14159 and reveal the next stairwell up, you start climbing up the stairs to the next floor but halfway up, a catgirl guard stands in your way. She looks no larger than a teenage girl, and she gives the aura of a simple first timer in this field, you can see her hands shaking and her legs quivering as her threats had a stutter. She was holding a long spear as her weapon. "S-S-Stop escapee, I will b-b-bring you down h-h-here." The catgirl lunges at you clumsily but you skillfully dodge the attack. She lunges again and once again you simply move to the side. This continued for a while until you decided you had enough. You decide to: [[Attack the girl]] (if: $RP is "yes")[ [[Seduce the girl]] ] You entered the door labelled 1337 and hope it was the answer. However once you entered the door closed behind you and a little boy appeared out of nowhere with a gun in his hand. "OMG... YOUR SCH A FAG YOU B1TCH. I FUCK YOUR MOM ANY DAY ERRDAY. YOU FAG GO SCK A COCK FAG. IM TELLING DADDY ON U." Th3 l1ttl3 b0y pull 0ut gun, sup3r MLG 360noscope gun, BAM big gun in ur fce, "Ths 1s my C0ck Fag. 2 f00t in l3ngth". Then the little boy 360NOSCOPEMLGPROSHOTSMOKEWEEDEVERYDAYMUCHGUNSUCHSKILLSWOW you with his gun and you died. GAME OVER: Ending 13 - GAME RAGE [[Back|next floor]]The answer is definitely to eat the pie on the table. You eat the pie. It was a blueberry pie. It was delicious. Nothing else happened. [[Well that was a failure|next floor]] (set: $pie to "yes")You ran around and across the room and found nothing but different coloured doors leading to rooms, the stairwell must be behind one of those doors, those assholes. You think about your options and narrowed your choices down to the rooms without a window or a room without any obvious signs of people inside them like the room with shoes on the outside or the room that has the sounds of technology emanating from it. It narrows down to three: [[The Orange Door]] [[The Turquoise Door]] (if: $BD2 is "no")[ [[The Brown Door]] ]You entered the room only to find a computer sitting in the middle of the table. You approach the computer and find that it is playing a strange tape. You watch it for a second before a woman pops out of the screen and grabs you. She seems to be one of those experiments to travel between cyberspace. She looked like a normal girl mostly but the probability of all the porn she sees while in cyberspace has made her a rather horny woman. She pulls out your penis and immediately brings her vagina towards it. She forcefully rides your penis to orgasm multiple times, but it isn't enough to satisfy this horny woman. She fucks you for hours on end before finally, she is satisfied. You thought that was the end of that but she started to bite into your skin and transfer her cells into yours. Like a virus, your DNA is soon replaced by hers and she drags you into the cyberspace where you fuck forever in the infinite land of porn. GAME OVER: Ending 12 - The Ping [[Back|next floor]]You pick up a large bone, smells and feels like the bone of a large cow or something, it has the lingering smell of old meat and you can see some parts of it flaking off, only proving that the bone is old and probably left here after someone finished their dinner. It can definitely be useful in the right ways so you pocket it, the other knickknacks are destroyed as the boxes fall above it. Now all thats left is to: [[Check the other doors|run out]] (set: $bone to "yes") (set: $BD2 to "yes")You examine the dildo, it appears to be a regular pink dildo for first time masturbators. It measures nothing more than 4.5-inches in length and definitely around and inch in girth. It appears smooth without any additional features either. It could prove useful for some women so you take it with you, hoping it will come in handy later on, the other knickknacks are destroyed as the boxes fall above it. Now all thats left is to: [[Check the other doors|run out]] (set: $dildo2 to "yes") (set: $BD2 to "yes")You pick up what appears to be a double ended strapon for lesbians, it has a strap to fit around the waist with a smaller 5-inch dildo attached to the inside and a large 7-inch dildo with nubs and ridges on the outside. You think that a strapon may not be useful to a guy now but it could be useful later on so you take it with you, the other knickknacks are destroyed as the boxes fall above it. Now all thats left is to: [[Check the other doors|run out]] (set: $strapon to "yes") (set: $BD2 to "yes")The girl seemed almost too weak as you easily dodged her swing and grabbed her arm. You then began to twist her arm and she dropped her spear. You brought her face over to you and expected a stern face showing no weakness. But when you flipped her over, she was crying. Her face was wet with her tears as she sobbed, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please forgive me. I don't want this, please just stop. you're hurting meee..." You let the girl go as she crumbled onto the floor, you ask her why she is crying if she wanted to be a guard, shouldn't she expect this kinds of things to happen? She simply replied that she was forced to become a guard of the facility after her failed experiment. She was supposed to become a vicious tiger but instead became a docile catgirl. She was then left out of all future experiments, ostracised by her friends and left to guard this stairwell, alone and hungry. You promise to help the girl when you escape and you'll take care of her for the rest of her days. Her eyes suddenly looked up at you with the faintest look of hope. You promise her that you'll come back for her and leave together. You rubbed her head gently as she blushed at your touch. You stood up and continued your mission. Now onto the [[next floor|4th floor]] (set: $catgirlwin to "yes")As she approaches you with her next attack, you unleash a torrent of pheromones at her. The catgirl suddenly weakened at the knees and collapsed onto the floor. Her hands darting towards her pussy, masturbating like theres no tomorrow. You were afraid that the girl might injur herself while she was masturbating aat the rate she was going. You attempt to walk past her but she grabs your legs and pulls you to her, begging you to fuck her with your dick. You were unsure about fucking this poor girl who seemed weak and forced to be her. You decide to: [[Fuck her]] (if: $dildo2 is "yes")[ [[Use the dildo on the girl]] ]You suddenly thought of an idea. You pulled out the dildo you found earlier and slowly inserted it into her wet pussy, a mooth toy like this would most probably not injur her as bad as her claws. You started pushing it in and out slowly as the catgirl mewed at your touch. The mew turned to yifs as you picked up the pace and thrusted the dildo in and out of her at a fast speed. Eventually, she orgasmed once, still not satisfied she grabbed the dildo out of your hands and used it for her own masturbation, the speed she was moving at was unimaginable and you decide to let her deal with it on her own now. You stand up and continue your mission onto the [[4th floor]] You climb the stairs and search for the sign plate that gives you the hint of the puzzle, except this one just reads //Conundrum Hall//. Strange, I wonder why this one is different from the rest. You open the door and expect doors and hallways again but this time it was just a large circular room with the stairwell at the other end of the room. You began running towards it when a large shadow appeared below the floor. You jumped back when a large stone sphinx landed right smack in the middle of the hall. "I am the guardian of the Conundrum Hall, the legendary sphinx, protector of treasures and tombs alike, to get past me you have to answer my riddles three." //Oh great, a boss fight, at least this one does not include fighting// "Riddle number 1: In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink! What color were the stairs? [[Pink|R1W]] [[Green|R1W]] [[No stairs|R2]] [[Penis|R1W]]You decided that the catgirl can't be satisfied and won't let you leave until you help her. You pulled out your penis and the pheromones doubled, the catgirl couldn't help herself any longer and grabbed your penis and directed it into her mouth. She meowed as she sucked you off, her rough tongue covering your glans and licking your urethra. You slowly started bucking your hips towards her as she continued her intense blowjob. Soon later you came into her mouth, she savoured the taste and commented on how delicious it was. You then flipped her over and prepared to insert your penis into her tight cunt. You penetrated her in one fell swoop and she was tighter than you would have ever imagined. It was like this pussy's pussy was trying to choke your dick. She rocked her hips against yours to match your thrusts and gain even more pleasure. Alas, the tightness and the rocking made ou come almost instantly and you unleashed your white jet into her vagina. You slowly pulled out as the catgirl turned around to face you and cleaned your penis up. She seems so tame now, mabe you can keep her as a pet. You stand up and continue to the [[4th floor]] (set: $CatgirlWin to "yes")"HA, That was completely wrong you foolish mortal. Now you will be punished and suffer the fate of the riddle." The sphinx eyes lit up and the light blinded you. When your eyes adjusted back to the light, you were in a pink room, a pink person was sitting on a pink bed petting her pink cat. You looked in awe as she seemed completely pink. Pink even down to her eyeballs. She looked at you and she suddenly stood up. You are one of those coloured people, I have always wanted to meet a coloured person. She walked towrds you and pulled you to her bed, you two talked hor hours on end, your life was happy. Then, th pink girl's father came in. He looked at you for a moment before pulling his daughter away. It's a coloured person, everyone call for backup. You were unsure of what was happening but before long you were restrained to the floor and many pink people were beating you up. "No coloured person is going to tarnish our pink world." The beating continued for hours as you were beaten to death. You could hear the little girl's cries as you took your last breath. GAME OVER: Ending 14 - I have a dream [[Back|4th floor]]"Well done mortal, the house had no stairs as it was a one story house." The sphinx seemed to shrink in size as you answered the first riddle correctly. "Now time for the second riddle, A man was driving his truck. His lights were not on. The moon was not out. Up ahead, a woman was crossing the street. How did he see her? [[She was wearing bright clothes|R2W]] [[She was super shiny|R2W]] [[He had good eyesight|R2W]] [[It was daytime|R3]]"HA, That was completely wrong you foolish mortal. Now you will be punished and suffer the fate of the riddle." The sphinx eyes lit up and the light blinded you. When your eyes adjusted back to the bright light, you were driving a truck down the highway. Your window was down and the cool air started flowing into the vehicle. All of a sudden, a woman walked in front of your vehicle and you braked hard. You managed to stop just before you hit her and she fell to the ground in shock. You got out of your truck and walked over to help her. She grabbed you by the arm and apologised fearfully. You helped her into your truck to calm her down. Once she calmed down, she asked you if there was anything she could do to apologise. You insist that it was nothing but the woman insisted more, pulling down your pants and sucking your penis. The pleasure felt divine and you accepted the head without a second thought. Halfway through the blowjob you let your guard down and simply enjoyed the blowjob. Right before you came, the woman bit your dick off and you fell to the floor in pain. She pushed you away and started your vehicle. "Haha, such a stupid moron to believe a lady like me would just suck you off, I'm going to take your stuff now, just stay and die ok loser?" She started your truck and drove away as you were left to bleed onto the sidewalk. GAME OVER: Ending 15 - Hitchhiker gone rogue [[Back|R2]]"Excellent, you may be proving to be more worthy than any human I've ever known." The sphinx shrunk again, almost to the size of a regular human. "Now it is time for the last riddle, once you finish this and get this riddle right, you would be granted entry to the stairwell and receive a special prize." "Riddle 3: A man leaves home and turns left three times, only to return home facing two men wearing masks. Who are those two men? [[Burglars|R3W]] [[A catcher and an umpire|SWin]] [[His parents|R3W]] [[Jehovah's witnesses|R3W]]"HA, That was completely wrong foolish mortal. What a shame too, you were literally a hair away from completing this challenge. I'm sorry but your journey ends here." The sphinx eyes lit up and a flash of light blinded you. When the light disappeared, you were on a baseball field. Seems like it is the national baseball tournament, you were running back to home. 2 outs and you were the final batter. This could prove that your baseball team is the best in the world. You run with all your might and slide... But it was too late, the umpire called out. You have lost the game and made your team the worse of the worse. Later, after the game, your team members crowded you in the locker room. "Hey fucktard, because of you, we have such a horrible rep now. No way can we ever live this down and because of that the manager has allowed us to punish you." You were forced to the ground as your team members shoved their dicks into your face. You were forced to take dick after dick into your mouth as some members alternated with your ass. You swallowed cumshot after cumshot, your ass filled to the brim with cum. "Nice job faggot, maybe you will do better as a sex slave than a baseball player." Suddenly a large baseball bat was inserted into your anus as you were left crying on the bathroom floor, covered in semen. GAME OVER: Ending 16 - Three strikes, you're out"Most splendid, you have completed my riddles, only a few humans have ever managed to do that. You deserve my praise and the prize in front of you." The sphinx finally shrank to the size of a woman and she stood up. She walked over to you as she took out your penis. The sphinx slowly took your penis in your mouth and began with slow licks, the licks began to spread over your glans down to the shaft and finally to your balls. She licked it for a while before engulfing you cock head into her mouth while her hands move to jerk you off. The amazing blowjob made you orgasm fast and it sprayed all over the sphinx's face. She licked it up and cleaned your penis to show that you were worthy of her praise. She returned to her spot as you walked over to the stairwell, continuing to the [[5th floor]]You did the same routine as always and looked for the sign plate. This floor has one reading //Animal Kingdom//, you can only guess what is going to happen here. You opened the door and entered the room. It looked like a jungle was created and grown inside this tiny room, statues of animals were situated around the room and live animals were walking everywhere. A sign in the middle of the forest shows, //DANGER//. You have to decide which animal statue is the right one. It seems a button is on every statue but only one leads to the stairway. Do you press the button on the: [[Lion statue]] [[Mosquito Statue]] [[Elephant Statue]]You assumed the top of the food chain creature the lion would be the most dangeroud and you clicked the button on the lion statue. When you did a large puff of smoke covered you and you coughed loudly. When the smoke cleared, a group of lionesses and a lion stood in front of you. The lionesses pounced on you as you were forced to the ground. The lionesses seem different from those in the wild as one forcefully sat on your face while another rode your cock. The threesome lasted for a while before you felt a large wet member entering your anus. It was spiny and felt wet, must be the lion's cock. You were raped by both the lion and the lionesses for hours, coming into many pussies, sucking out your cum from them, licking new pussies and getting assraped by an alpha. You were covered in cum before the hour ended, mostly your own with hints of femcum every few centimetres on your body. Your ass leaked male lion sperm. GAME OVER: Ending 18 - Welcome to the packYou walk over to the mosquito statue, assuming that this was the most dangerous and pressed the button. The lake suddenly gurgled as a stairway popped up from below the lake and up to the next floor. You walk over to the stairs as you start to climb up slowly, along the stairs are random facts about mosquitos. One reading 'It has been estimated that mosquitos transmit diseases to almost 700 million people annually resulting in 2 to 3 million deaths every year.'... What an interesting fact. You continue upwards , almost falling a couple times due to the wet stairs but pushed on. You went up to the [[6th floor]]You think that elephants are the most dangrous, with its large size and storng trunks surely they are the most dangerous. You press the button and suddenly a pink cloud engulfed you. The pink cloud seems to have created a sort of smell around your body and you freeze. The sounds of a large creature stomping towrds you reached your ears as it gets louder and louder. A large african elephant charged right at you, its large penis standing erect and pointed towards your face. It lifted you with its trunk and shoved his penis straight into your asshole. His large penis was extremely big and you could feel your innards tearing. He then used his trunk to shove into your mouth to shut you up. The fucking lasted for hours as he came inside your ass over and over again. Eventually you were killed by drowning in semen, suffocation and internal bleeding. GAME OVER: Ending 17 - Death by trunk [[Back|5th floor]]//Man... climbing these staris are getting tiring//... You finally reach the sixth floor, the prize you seek is just beyond this door. You walk over to the door and read the plate. //Weapon Storage//. You push open the door and weapons cover the entire floor. Some were useless such as a stick while some were too extravagant such as the nuclear bomb. You look over the weapons and decide to pick from one of the three best suited for you: [[The Whip]] [[The Jammer]] [[The Sword]] (set: $whip to "no") (set: $EW to "no") (set: $sword to "no")You pick up a whip, obviously a sexual whip as the ends were not long enough or narrow enough to cause any serious damage. You lift up the whip and tie it around your waist. As you take off the whip, a loud alarm sounded inside the building indicating that an intruder is inside. You equip the whip and continue to: (if: $cloth is "yes")[ [[Shut down the lab]] ](else:)[ [[Shut down the lab|S1]] ] (set: $whip to "yes") (set: $weapon2 to "whip")You pick up a weird looking gun with the word JAMMER printed on with an attached bayonet, you test fire a shot and you hit a light on the ceiling. The light immediately flashed and died. It seems you have picked up some sort of electrical jammer to cause electrical appliances to malfunction. Once you took it off its racks, a loud alarm sounded indicating an intruder is in the building. Shit this is going to get loud. You equip the electrical jammer and continue on to: (if: $cloth is "yes")[ [[Shut down the lab]] ](else:)[ [[Shut down the lab|S1]] ] (set: $EW to "yes") (set: $weapon2 to "gun")You find an extremely sharp sword called //The Slicer//, its description says that even a feather will get sliced in half if it touches the blade. You grab the sword and its holder and attach it to your waist. Once you do, an alarm sounded inside the building indicating that an intruder is inside. You equip the sword and continue on to: (if: $cloth is "yes")[ [[Shut down the lab]] ](else:)[ [[Shut down the lab|S1]] ] (set: $sword to "yes") (set: $weapon2 to "sword")This is it... it's finally time to end this. After all you've been through, its time to finally destroy this place and escape from hell on earth. You run over to the central tower, where the control room is most likely at. With your $weapon2 you charge forward past the minor robot guards and security systems and you reach the central tower. Here things get interesting. The central tower is fully manned which means all your enemies from here on out are going to be real life people. You must be careful. You charge forward into the first stariwell to the seventh floor, you managed to find the connecting bridge between the sixth floor of the weapons tower to the sixth floor of this tower, narrowly avoiding the small fry in the lower floors. Here the enemies are better trained and all the more powerful. You prepare your $weapon2 and start climbing up to the [[7th floor]]You barge into the 7th floor to find an arena layout. A gladiator stands in the centre of the ring. A screen appears at the far end wall of the arena and a woman comes into view. "Welcome escapee, I am the Queen of this facility and to reach me you have to defeat my greatest experiment. Not that you could even come close to me, hohohoh" and the screen fades to black. "I AM WRATH, I WILL DESTROY PUNY ESCAPEE" Looks like wrath will be your first opponent. He brings up a large steel axe and prepares to charge at you. His extremely great strength proves to be no ordinary feat as he managed to carry the large thing and run at you at a speed that no normal man could achieve. Quickly, you must: [[Counter]] [[Dodge]] [[Stand Still]](if: $sword is "yes")[You pull out your sword and counter the hit perfectly, you swing your sword around and try to knock the gladiator off his feet, however the gladiator seemed to be much more skillful than you and easily struck again, this time you were unable to block the hit and received a rather large cut on your stomach. This isn't the time to falter as you continued your attack, aiming for his exposed spots you srike, and strike again. Trying your best to cut the gladiator apart. Finally, you found it, the weak spot of the gladiator. You swing your sword upwards as hard as you can and smash the sword against his family jewels. The protector that was covering that spot rose upwards and crushed his balld. The pain was excrutiating and the gladiator fell to the ground. You used this opportunity to bring your sword to his neck and did a clean slice. His head came off and rolled on the ground. You have bested Wrath and you sheath your sword. Now onto the [[8th Floor]] ](else:)[You try to block the gladiator's hit with your $weapon2 but it simply sliced through it with almost no resistence whatsoever. You panic, the axe blade was nearing closer to your body and you tried to slide away but you were too late, the axe blade made contact with your body and you were sliced in half. With a few seconds left of activity in your brain, the woman on the screen appeared again. "Oh so sad, you couldn't even beat my bodyguard, wrath has no intellect whatsoever, I though you could beat him. Oh well, see you in hell los-" and the world fades to black. You have died. GAME OVER: Ending 20 - Brawn over brain [[Back|7th floor]] ]You dodged quickly, narrowly avoiding the incoming swing. You did a magnificent front roll as you started to flee from the gladiator. He is too powerful, you can't win head on. There must be something that you can do in this situation. Something... think....think.... think.... Then it hit you, you don't need to win by his terms do you. You can use your superior wit to defeat him. You prepare yourself for his next attack by standing next to the wall. He swung and his axe became lodged into the brick wall. This is your chance, you ran to the opposite end of the arena and prepare yourself. You think hard and concentrate on a plan. Finally you decide to: [[Trick him]] (if: $RP is "yes")[ [[Seduce him]] ]You stand perfectly still and await his attack, you have a plan in mind. As he swings the axe down, you plan to use the weight of the weapon against him... but you fail. The axe cuts through you clean, leaving two halves of what was once your body, blood spewing out in every direction. Seriously though, who thought standing still was a good plan? You must really be an idiot to even contemplate that. Not that I can judge, I'm just a narrator after all. GAME OVER: Ending 19 - Sliced meat//This must be the floor//, you think to yourself as you search the top floor, there seems to be nothing here that would indicate that a Queen is nearby. You run around like a headless chicken until you see it, it looks like a glass room. That must be the serum room. The serum must be kept inside that facility. You prepare to run to the room, but something stops you. Two wolf guards seem to be guarding the room, what's worse they look armed. You stop to think about this. What can you do in this situation. [[Attack head on|WA]] (if: $LS is "yes")[ [[Seduce them]] ] (if: $bone is "yes")[ [[Distract them]] ]You decide to trick the idiotic hunk of meat. You run up to him at full force, the gladiator, thinking you were attacking lifted up the axe and prepared to swing. But you turned at the last second, causing the gladiator to adjust his swing at a weird angle and twist his arm. The second time you did this, you slid underneath him and he swung his axe towards his own body, chipping the armor. For the final time, you jumped onto the bleachers and jumped over the gladiator, in panic, the gladiator lifted the axe, but due to his twisted arm, dropped it on himself. The axe finally cracked the armour and fell onto his skin. Slicing him into half. You finally defeat the Wrath monster as you pick up your tools and continued onwards to the [[8th Floor]].You concentrated hard and unleashed all your pheromones at the gladiator. The gladiator didn't even seem fazed at you attack but you pushed on, releasing all the pheromones you were able to produce. The constant release of pheromones seem to have an effect on the gladiator as he started to walk funny, eventually collapsing on the floor and pulling out his long cock, grabbing it with both his hands and jerking it roughly. He jerked hhimself to an orgasm in no more than 5 seconds and his torrent of white juices flew into the air and onto his face. You having enough of this place took the opportunity and ran. You ran towards the stairwell and onto the [[8th Floor]]You think as they are wolves, they should be super sensitive to smells. So you remove your latex suit and let the trapped smell diffuse into the air. The two wolves caught whiff of your musky scent and started to fall to the floor and masturbate. The two wolves fingering themselves and kissing each other was a sight to behold. You moved over to them and whipped out your dick. The two, drowned in lust, did not even question who you are and started to lick your dick. The double blowjob from the wolves felt incredible. As one tongue covered the glans, you could feel another rubbing your shaft. The double blowjob lasted for a good 5 mins before the feeling of orgasm came rushing to you. You let loose and hosed the two guards in your cum. The two too tired to stop you, allowed you entry into the serum room. You continued into the serum room, using the minotaur's password and fingerprint, you enter the room. The serum should be in the corner if you recall correctly, within a second from saying that you notice it, a blue vial sitting in the corner. You grab it and continued out of the room and [[find the Queen]]. (set: $TWG to "yes")This is no time to be thinking what to do, you run over to their position and attempt to disarm them, they immediately noticed you presence and prepared to fire. You dodged the first shot, then the second, then the third. But a stray bullet managed to hit you. (if: $BP is "yes")[Lucky for you, you have your bulletproof suit, it blocked all the shots fired at you and you come in close. You decide to take out your $weapon2 and start attacking them mercilessly, hitting them over and over again until they can move no longer. The blood covering your $weapon2 made it have a red sheen as you admired your work. //This may not be too bad now//. You continued into the serum room, using the minotaur's password and fingerprint, you enter the room. The serum should be in the corner if you recall correctly, within a second from saying that you notice it, a blue vial sitting in the corner. You grab it and continued out of the room and [[find the Queen]].](else:)[Shit, it hit your leg, you have no choice but to retreat. You crawl up to he wall away from the guards and panic. There's nothing you can do now. (if: $FAK is "yes")[ Then you remember the bandages and health pots you had and immediately toke them out. You wrapped yourself up and drank all the potions, instantly recovering your injuries. Now it's time to end this. You charge out with your $weapon2 and start attacking the guards, before long they pass out and you continue into the serem room,using the minotaur's password and fingerprint, you enter the room. The serum should be in the corner if you recall correctly, within a second from saying that you notice it, a blue vial sitting in the corner. You grab it and continued out of the room and [[find the Queen]].](else:) You have no choice but to surrender, there's nothing you can do in this situation, you pass out and the next thing you know the two guards were carrying you [[away]]]They're wolves correct, so probably a nice large bone should keep them company. You fish out the bone from your bag and wave it in front of them. The two wolves caught a whiff of the smell and started running towards you. At this moment you threw the bone down the stairs as the two of them continued running after it. Taking advantage of this situation, you run towards the serum room. You continued into the serum room, using the minotaur's password and fingerprint, you enter the room. The serum should be in the corner if you recall correctly, within a second from saying that you notice it, a blue vial sitting in the corner. You grab it and continued out of the room and [[find the Queen]].You barged into the large room, noticing control circuits and computers everywhere, you assumed this to be the control room. Not what you were aiming for but it saved you some time. You looked around the control room and found the room that looks like the place you would hide a button. You look around and find a button which said to press only if shut down of lab is needed. You were about to press it when a woman grabbed your shoulder and pulled you back. You flew across the room, the woman was stronger than she seemed. The petite woman suddenly teleported in front of you, she seems like one of those experiments which turned out more powerful than anticipated. She grabs your shoulder and pushes you to the ground. She unveils her box and announces victory before pissing on your head. "Oh, I love peeing on people, you love being my toilet slut don't you?" The piss was beginning to have an effect on you, whatever it is it seems to have an aphrodisiac effect. You decide to: [[Give in]] [[Trick her]] (if: $BP is "true")[ [[Resist]] ]When you awoke, you were tied to a bed, the two guards seem to have captured you. You struggle to escape but to no avail, the same binding has been used here that was used to tie you down when you first arrived to this horrid place. "Oh... Sis hes awoken." A voice comes from the other side of the room. The two wolf guards appear from behind you, and surprisingly, both of them were celebrating in their birthday suit. Although more surprising was what was in between one of their legs. The larger of the guards seems to have a penis and a vagina at their crotch. Before you could question them, the smaller wolf moved over to you, and sat on your face. You were forced to lick her hairy pussy as you felt the bigger wolf start to position your cock below her pussy, the slick surface bringing pleasure to your brain. The two sisters double attack proved very effective as you came almost instantly into the bigger wolf. This carried on for a few hours, with the two sisters alternating between your mouth and your cock, with you licking and sucking, drinking down your own and the wolf's semen, getting your ass fucked by the wolf as you lick the smaller wolf's ass. The sex went on for hours until they were both satisfied. "Now sis it's time for the marking." As she said that the two position themselves over you and began peeing on your body, as a form of marking their property. The two emptied their bladders onto you before they started kssing each other. GAME OVER: Ending 21 - Sisterly Love [[Back|WA]]You need more, this woman's piss is all you need in your life... your life is not complete without her piss. You open your mouth and accept the piss into your mouth. It's almost like a drinking fountain, it never ends. You drink to your heart's content. You are happy. It has been five years since that day and you have been reduced to the woman's toilet slave. She brings you everywhere, when she's cooking she uses you to empty her bladder, when she is sick she uses you instead of a bedpan. Today she organised a birthday party for her sister, and you are supposed to be gicen as a present. At first you resisted, you argued, you begged. But the mistress' mind was set. You were given to the sister as a gift and immediately, the sister undressed and prepared you for her honey liquid. The taste wasn't the same, it was not as heavenly as your mistress. But ou had no choice, you became a toilet slave and not even to the woman you loved. GAME OVER: Ending 22 - Given Away [[Back|find the Queen]]Using your ultimate skills to control your lust, you resisted her piss shower. She seemed confused and weakened her hold, allowing you to push her around and finger her pussy. She jumped in shock as you fingered her. Before long she crumbled under your touch. But his isn't a reward so as she was about to cum, you stop. You pulled out your fingeers and instead took out your cock, you dangled it in front of her face and her eyes were focused solely on your pecker. You moved it side to side and entranced her. She tried to put it into her mouth but you blocked her advances. She whined, begging you to let her suck your cock. You've got her right where you want her. The frustration from stopping before coming and the natural musk from your cock has captured her. She's now no less than a slave. You allowed her to carry on and she sucked you up like a noodle, she licked your cock all over and sucked it like there was no tomorrow. Before you long you were about to come, but you would have none of that and pulled out of her mouth. You told her "If you want this in your pussy, you have to beg for it, beg like the little dog you are." At first she held on to her pride but she couldn't hold the fort and she begged like a little kid who wanted ice cream before dinner. You obliged her and fucked her like a jackhammer. She came instantly as you inserted your penis and you thrusted more and more, eventually the woman collapsed under your power. You took this chance and shut down the lab. Now time to end this [[for good]]You acted as if you were intoxicated by her piss as she let her guard down. You inched closer and closer until you were almost touching her pussy, then you fought back. You pushed the woman over and began attacking her pussy, you licked all over her tight flesh as she began to crumble under your superior tongue skills. You continued licking her vulva, her vagina and even her anus before she completely crumbled under your tongue. You licked her for hours, until she orgasmed herself dry. As she tried to catch her breath you licked again. This continued until she passed out and you pushed the button to shut down the lab. Now time to defeat the Queen [[for good]].You hunt around, eventually finding the Queen's room. You enter it quietly, trying to not get seen. But the Queen was expecting you and injected you with something. Before you could think, you blacked out. When you awoke, the Queen was sitting on your cock, bouncing like there was no tomorrow. Looks like she couldn't control herself and started raping you. You still have your clothes on and your backpack, the sling in between your breasts.... wait... You look down again and notice that you had suddenly grown breasts. The two lumps of flush were obviously there as you caught glimpses of it between her sexual treatment. "Oh you're awake, I'm just finishing up the experiment." you felt the urge to cum and unleashed inside her. Once you orgasmed inside her pussy, a cock seemed to grow from her groin and yours disappeared. "You like? I's the new genital transfer drug." She started jerking her new cock off as she orgasmed quick, covering you in her spunk. She rubbed it over your body and into your mouth. It seems that her cum was an aphrodisiac as your body heated up immediately. You can't resist you have to fuck. [[Let her fuck you]]You request, no begged, the mistress to use her amazing cock on your pussy. She smiled in victory as she rubbed her new penis' head around your folds before pushing it in. The new sensation caused both of you to come instantly, her hot spunk coating your walls. At this moment, her cock disappeared and yours reappeared again. The cycle continued until she started to grow tired. This was your chance to finish her off, you wait for the next moment your dick returns and strike. [[Fuck her|p]] [[Dominate her without fucking her pussy]] You know better than to fall prey to her tricks. You took your cock and jammed it into her anus. You fucked her ass and cam inside, yet your cock remained on your body. You took this new discovery and used it to your own twisted advantage as you began to brutally rape her ass. Punding it until it bled. She screamed in pain, but then it became pleasure as she got used to it... what a buttslut. You fucked her until her mind started to drift and you decided to use the serum. Picking up the needle, you filled it with the syringe and injected her neck with it. Before long, she became completely under your control as you started to fuck her more and more, with her begging for her master's dick. You have done it, you have successfully dealt with the Queen. Now you can escape this hellhole and be free forever. [[Harem end]] [[Queen end]] [[Piss Lady End]] (if: $TWG is "yes")[ [[Wolf End]] ] (if: $CentaurWin is "yes")[ [[Centaur End]] ] (if: $CatgirlWin is "yes")[ [[Catgirl End]] ] (if: $teenagewin is "yes")[ [[Teenage Dickgirl End]] ] (if: $BovineWin is "yes")[ [[Bovine End]] ] (if: $CentaurWin = "yes" and $CatgirlWin = "yes" and $TWG = "yes")[ [[Good Harem End]] ]You flipped her over and fucked her pussy with your cock, cumming inside her after a couple thrusts. Once the cock was transferred back to her, you realised you fucked up. She noticed your attempt at domination and flipped you back around. This time she inserted her cock into your ass. The pain from the first anal experience caused you to scream as she fucked you again and again. She came multiple times but the cock never came back to you. Apparently it only transfers between cock and pussy contact. She kept fucking your ass until you fainted from the pain. You have become a new member of her sex harem. GAME OVER: Ending 22 - Join the clubNo, you won't escape. You now have control over the entire facility. You decide to use your new powers for good and turn the entire facility into your harem. Every day, you fuk a new girl. You get fucked, sucked and licked to your utmost satisfaction and every day is heaven. "Is this good master?" A young girl was between your legs and licking your cock. This was the latest girl you had decided to fuck. Her power was supposedly a super suck in her mouth but you're not feeling it. Until she started for real. You felt like your dick was gonna fall off and came instantly. Your new life was exciting to say the least but you won't trade it for the world.You look down at the sad excuse of a mistress and decide to stay with her. You realised how much you've begun to love this woman as she lies in a mixture of your sexual fluids. You started to fuck her again as she moans by your cock in her ass. __A Year Later__ The facility was officially shut down and the two of you relocated to a government protected area. "Fuck... FUCK... FUCK ME MASTER..." The ex-mistress moaned loudly... What? I the storryteller didn't say you two didn't fuck the whole day noe did I? The two of you lived in a sexual paradise in your new home as the genital drug was still in place, the two of you switching roles over and over again as you enjoyed your new sex life.You decide to escape the facility with the pissing woman from earlier. You ran back to the room and found her still passed out so you did the most sensible thing ever. You pissed on her as a taste of her own medicine. She woke up instantly and pounced on your cock, sucking the pee out of your urethra and drinking it down. This is going to be interesting. __5 Years Later__ The two of you were in the bath, fucking and soaking in each other's urine. When either of you come, you launch a geyser of golden fluid and add it into the bath mixture. Your sex consists of mainly drinking each other's pee or fucking with each other in pee. You enjoy your new pee fetish lover and your new pee fetish life.You found the two wolf guards and dragged them out of the building, the two completely tamed girls ran with you as you began your new life as a threeway couple. Later you found out that the two girls were actually sisters, making your sex life even better. __5 Years Later__ "Harder Sis, Harder" You were currently spitroasting the younger sister as she sucks your cock while getting fucked by her sister. The two of them opened up to incest almost instantly and you've been enjoying multiple threesomes with the two of them. The two of you came at the same time, triggering the younger sisters orgasm. 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